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"Privacy Policy" and the "User Agreement - Terms & Conditions" were last updated 3/11/2020

Problems Logging in?:
There are two main reasons why clients have troubles logging in. First, incorrectly typing the user name and password? Remember the password is case sensitive and must be typed with correct capitalization. Also make sure your caps and number locks are turned off. Secondly, your browser security settings may be blocking access. We have three ways to help fix this latter issue.
1. Go to your browser settings and for both Security and Privacy allow and as trusted sites. Go to: tools > internet options > privacy > sites: and allow > ok. Cookies must be allowed for the site to function properly.
2. LifeLine recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Click here to download Firefox or click here to download Chrome and install.

Not Getting Email Notices?:
We see two common solutions for this:
1. Check your "Spam, Delete, or Junk" mail folders and mark the emails as approved. Make sure to whitelist us in your email system. The emails come from
2. It may be that you inadvertently opted out of our system. You will need to opt-in for us to be able to send future emails to you. Click here and follow the instructions so we can once again send you email notices.
Thank you.

If none of these options for logging in or email helped, than you will need to speak with your network administrator to adjust your firewall and/or security settings.

"Contact Us" if you are in need of further assistance.


Regular AED Checks:

Check your AED regularly by simply looking at the indicator.  Do not turn the device on as this will decrease battery life and is not needed for regular checking.

Change of Contact:
Only sign in with your own account name. In order to update or add new individuals to the monthly AED program email us with the following information:
-Company name
-Name of new contact
-Phone #
Contact Us We will be happy to update your account.